Over 5,000 short videos provide prerecorded answers for Microsoft 365 "how-to" questions.

ClipTraining is a new approach to technical education based on the concept that short videos that cover smaller amounts of highly focused information are more useful to users and lead to greater retention. At Systems Support Group Inc., we have fully embraced this idea. We are making over 5,000 prerecorded short videos available to our customers to improve their understanding of Microsoft 365.

Improves Knowledge Retention

Training videos provide short, task-based information so users can apply their learning immediately and actively retain their new skills.

Reduce Help Desk Calls

”How-to” related calls to the help desk are greatly reduced. Some organizations report a 60% reduction after deploying ClipTraining.

Configurable Learning Paths

Administrators can group training videos to create recommended learning combinations for users by job role or onboarding needs.

Mobile ready and available from any device.


Training videos provide short, task-based information and examples from any device so users can get their work completed from anywhere.  Videos available on mobile devices to provide job skills training for front-line workers.

Microsoft Teams Built-In Integration

Native application running in Teams provides a streaming service for technology training videos and job skills enablement content.

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